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Upcoming Reading Unit of Study- Social Issues Book Clubs: Developing Critical Literacies


This unit will give readers a practical introduction to critical literacy, in this case focusing on reading to identify and study the social issues that are woven into the fabric of middle grade and young adult fiction, to consider how power, perspective, and positioning help to shape narratives’ themes, and to learn how reading across genres can also help to develop a more researched view of an issue in society. This unit works alongside (or ahead of) the writing unit Literary Essays: From Character to Compare/Contrast. 

This unit is unabashedly aimed at teaching toward social justice. Having students examine the dynamics of the world around them is one of the many focal points of the Common Core State Standards. Students in middle school are expected to be able to analyze, evaluate, and differentiate sources to help them understand what is going on in the world. In this unit, students will:

  • Read thoughtfully to deepen interpretation
  • Read critically for power, perspective, and positioning
  • Read to learn how author's craft stories to convey messages
  • Read across texts and genres to compare ideas and revise understandings

Upcoming Writing Unit of Study- The Literary Essay: From Character to Compare/Contrast


The next writing workshop unit for sixth grade picks up on the work of analyzing author’s craft from a different angle: students write literary essays to come up with and develop interpretations of short stories. 

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